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Hudson Valley, NY Intrepid New Yorkers take to the iced-over Hudson River north of Hyde Park to sail their ice boats. Some of the yachts were over 100 years old - dating back to the days when FDR himself took to the ice.

Malibu, CA A client recently took us for a hike on the Malibu Pier at the infamous Surfrider Beach. California State Parks won a conservancy preservation award for restoring the pier to its former glory a year ago. We could imagine the beach littered with extras from Gidget or Lady Liberty buried at the Southern end of Pirate’s Cove (for filming of Planet of the Apes).

Liberty Island, USA As seen by from a 25 foot sailboat on the last weekend of summer. Hello fall.

Annandale-on-Hudson, NY Blithewood (home to the Levy Institute at Bard College) boasts a formal Italian garden designed by Francis Hoppin, an alumnus of the architectural firm of McKim, Mead & White. Its breath-taking beauty includes a backdrop of the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River.

Seventh Avenue and 58th Street, New York City

Little Italy, New York City

Elizaville, New York Another beautiful sunset in the corn fields of the Hudson Valley (best seen from the bench seat of a 1967 cream-puff-white Ford F250)

Red Hook, NY Is this the place to brag that our Art Director aced his “Physics of Light and Color” class at New York University (and tutored his classmates) or to explain that a rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon caused when the sun shines on droplets of moisture in the Earth’s atmosphere?

New York Harbor, New York Nothing like a free, sunset, summer cruise on the Staten Island Ferry to see the Staten Island Yankees (aka the “Baby Bombers”) play the Brooklyn Cyclones (other than going to Coney Island to see the Brooklyn Cyclones play the Staten Island Yankees)! Beautiful views of Manhattan, shaved ice and fireworks included.

New York, NY Over 20,000,000 people a year pass through Grand Central’s main hall rushing to catch a train. But how many know that the four faces of the clock at the information booth are made of opal worth tens of millions of dollars? Or that there is a cocktail waiting for them upstairs) in 1920s tycoon John W. Campbell’s Apartment (now a restored cocktail lounge.

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands The aptly named Devil’s Bay beach lies at the end of a circuitous path under and over granite boulders. Best to hike out there with hands free and no expectation of doing anything other than admiring the impressive surf crashing on the rocks (and arching over your head) on the tiny beach at low tide. At high tide, the pathway through the caves become entirely inaccessible.

Somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean Bon Voyage to the Ramshackle on its Atlantic voyage!

123 Lexington Ave, Manhattan "Simply the best place in Manhattan for Middle Eastern and Indian herbs and spices…" - Zagat

TriBeCa, Manhattan The Ides of March are upon us and the earliest harbinger of spring - the crocus - is in full bloom.

Red Hook, NY Exactly 100 miles north of New York’s Greenwich Village eternal Spring blooms in the 100 year old, fourth-generation Battenfeld’s Anemone Farm. We imagine that Conrad and Elizabeth Battenfeld, emigrating to the Hudson Valley from Germany in the 1880s, would have been astonished to see daffodils blooming in New York parks in the middle of February 2012!